Driving Your Sound Card In To Windows 7

Just picked up that new Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi card? Ready to get that baby up and running on your computer? If you are using Windows 7 as your operating system you may need to download the driver for your new device from Creative or a third party website. There are a number of sites that you can find the Sound Blaster drivers for Windows 7. Creative has their versions and complete instructions on how to install your new sound card and how to install the proper drivers. Making sure that you have the correct driver will ensure smooth operation with your new hardware.

61AfeablwtL. SY450  Driving Your Sound Card In To Windows 7Simply by visiting http://support.creative.com/kb/showarticle.aspx?sid=61105 you can see a detailed list of which drivers you will need in order for the sound card to work properly. The chart found on this webpage allows you to download the correct driver for the model of sound card that you wish to install on your computer. Remember these are device specific for each OS that you may be using. Fortunately for Windows 7 users, there are drivers for just about every Sound Blaster model manufactured.

After you have found and downloaded the proper driver, you can simply follow the instructions on the Creative website. The first item there is how to uninstall existing drivers. According to the site, if your computer has a set of audio jacks, there is already a sound device onboard. The instructions are very easy to follow on how to uninstall this device. This is followed by how to safely remove the old hardware.

The next part shows you how to install the new sound card. The instructions do only cover PCs and not laptop computers however. If you are planning on putting the card into a laptop it is recommended that you seek professional help, at the very least with the physical installation of the card.

Next is the driver installation. This is where the list of Sound Blaster drivers for Windows 7 comes into play. Locate the device you wish to install on the list on the left. Download the corresponding driver from Creatives’ webpage and follow the instructions as prompted. Once the driver is installed you may need to restart your computer before it will be functional. The website has a few more instructions on how to properly configure and test the driver and sound card.

The page goes on to explain some troubleshooting techniques and some common installation problems. The most common problem seems to be with installing the card too close to a graphics card rather than an issue with the driver. Creative does warn that updating to a new version of windows may cause problems and you may need to update the device driver as well.Well, what are you waiting for? Tear the shell off of that machine and get to work! Remember to download the proper driver and closely follow the instructions provided by Creative and you’ll be well on your way to cleaner crisper sound waves.

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